TEFL” is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or simply, English language instruction for non-native speakers. Also known as Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), English Language Teaching (ELT), and teaching ESL (English as a Second Language).

You can easily earn a TEFL certification with an online TEFL course which is a very convenient and flexible way of getting qualified to teach English. You can start your course any time you wish, study anywhere in the world and, perhaps best of all, you can learn at your own schedule and speed.


Gain teaching skills and qualify to be a teacher.

Before entering the classroom, you need to learn essential skills of teaching such as course design, lesson planning, classroom management, assessment, pedagogy, methodology and many more.


Find teaching jobs much easier and faster.

Even though it is possible to find some schools not referring TEFL as a requirement, teachers having TEFL certificate see much higher respect and demand.


Enjoy higher wages and better benefits

Teachers with a TEFL certificate are demanded by more reputable schools, which means better benefits and higher salaries.


GEC offers you one of the best quality and highest reputation TEFL certificate programs via Center for English as a Second Language – CESL of University of Arizona. Since its founding in 1968, CESL has become a world leader in English instruction and offers a comprehensive education, with internationally recognized academic standards.

All programs at the Center for English as a Second Language meet high standards of excellence, as CESL has been fully accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation. CESL abides by the Code of Ethics set by NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

Enjoy the flexibility of online TEFL program!

Your place, Your speed, Your style!



The 120-Hour TEFL Certificate course consists of a series of 18 modules organized in 8 units completed entirely online and on a self-paced basis. Students have access to the course site as soon as they complete the application and payment process. This course does not have a start and finish date, and students have up to 180 days to complete all coursework. This course is suitable for those who need to complete their TEFL/TESOL Certificate in a short period of time or by a specific date.

Each module of the course consists of a series of a lecture, readings and videos. Every few modules, students are required to take a quiz and complete a practical assignment where they apply the knowledge acquired. At the end of the course, a Final Portfolio with the collection of assignments will be submitted and reviewed by CESL faculty.


In order to enroll in these TEFL/TESOL courses, the following requirements must be met:

  • Provide a valid photo ID;
  • Have completed at least two years of college-level coursework;
  • Have access to a reliable internet connection;
  • Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate very independent English proficiency (B2 or higher according to the Common European Framework of Reference [CEFR]).


The cost of the CESL TEFL Program varies between 535 – 635 depending on your selection of services.