Camp USA program is very ideal for undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing degrees in teaching, counseling, coaching, physical therapy, athletic training, sports psychology, etc. or for skilled athletes who simply love working with youth and want a summer job that feels like play. You are not required to teach a special skill or activity offered at summer camps, but all applicants must have experience working with kids and leadership experience

To participate in GEC Camp USA program, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old by June 1st.
  • Be a native speaker of English or be fluent in English
  • Be interested in working with children
  • Have prior experience working / caring with kids
  • Enthusiastic, fun and adventurous personality
  • Be able to arrive in the U.S. no later than June 20th and stay for at least nine weeks.
  • Have a clean criminal background record

No need to be a Superman!

Every skill and experience you have is valuable. If you love having time with kids, enjoy outdoor activities, have positive personality, you can be a great camp counselor.



Camp USA Application steps
1. Eligibility check Fill the application request/contact form to request an application and pay the program deposit. You will attend an interview with a GEC Camp Counselor interviewer. As part of the application process, our Interviewers assess that an Applicant possesses the skills, experience, maturity, and ability to participate in the program.
2. Application Fill the forms at your account and submit your documents. At your account page, you will find detailed information about the documents required. Once you complete your application steps, camps will be able to view your application, references and documents.
3. Placement They will be placed to camps based on their skills and experience. If the camp managers  think you’ll be a good fit for their camp, they will  contact you for an interview. If it’s a good match, the manager will extend a job offer to you through our online system. If not, your application will become available to be viewed by other camps! Directors will begin to hire in August and will finish hiring all their staff by May. This means while the placement process will be short for some, it might be quite long for others. If an applicant is unsuccessful in being placed at a camp they will receive a refund of all fees paid to GEC.
4. Visa If/when  placement stage is completed successfully, as your visa sponsor, GEC will send you a DS-2019  document allowing you to apply for a J1 visa.
5. Pre-departure Once you get your visa, we will send you Camp Counselor participant guide explaining all the details you should know and do before and after arrival. We will also assist you with travel arrangements, airport transportation.
6. Arrival Once you arrive in USA, we  will help you to apply for social security number, arrange temporary housing and meet your supervisor at the host organization.

Join Camp USA to have a great summer to remember!