GEC will provide Host Camp with Exchange Visitor Camp Counselor Candidates and will use its resources, domain knowledge, experience, skill, and best efforts to recruit, identify, and screen for each Host Camp request in accordance with standard pre-employment practices and U.S. Exchange Visitor Program regulations to identify qualified candidates for positions.

First-time Staff Placement Fee (for each hired Camp Counselor, regardless of age and country of origin): $1350

Self-Placement Staff Placement Fee (both first-time and returner candidates): there is no fee for the camp. The $585 program fee is to be paid by the international candidate only.

Please be aware that we have limited number of visa slots available for returning candidates. It is recommended to complete the application as soon as possible.

Minimum Salary for up to 9 weeks of camp – $1900

$1350 placement fee (for each hired camp counselor) is payable in 2 installments: $500 is due before the DS-2019 form has been printed. Remaining balance of $850 is due within 10 business days after the camp counselor’s arrival at the camp.

Notes on Fees

Minimum salary is based on employment for up to 9 weeks. Salary for each additional weeks should be a minimum of $250 per week. All prices are in USD.