Health and Safety


At GEC, safety is our top priority.

Our safety policy serves as a framework to guide our operations and ensure the well-being of every participant. We continuously monitor and update our practices to adapt to changing circumstances and emerging best practices, guaranteeing a secure and fulfilling travel experience for all.

Risk Assessment and Planning:
We conduct thorough risk assessments for each program destination, evaluating potential hazards and developing comprehensive plans to mitigate them. Our team collaborates with local experts, organizations, and authorities to gather up-to-date information and implement appropriate safety measures.

Highly Qualified Instructors:
Our instructors are highly trained professionals who prioritize safety and possess the necessary skills and knowledge to handle emergency situations. They undergo rigorous training programs, including first aid, emergency response, and risk management, to effectively respond to any unforeseen circumstances.

Comprehensive Program Guidelines:
We provide participants with detailed guidelines and safety protocols specific to each program. These guidelines cover various aspects, such as transportation, accommodation, activities, and interaction with local communities. We ensure that participants are well-informed and equipped with the knowledge needed to make responsible decisions.

Supplier Screening and Regular Safety Audits:
We carefully vet our program partners, ensuring they meet our rigorous safety standards and share our commitment to participant welfare. All accommodations, transportation providers, and activity providers undergo thorough background checks and safety evaluations to ensure they meet our stringent criteria. Feedback from participants is also collected and analyzed to continuously improve our safety standards.

Emergency Preparedness and Communication:
We have established robust emergency response plans that outline procedures for handling various scenarios. Our participants have access to 24/7 emergency support and are provided with emergency contact numbers. GEC maintains a team of pediatricians, orthopedic surgeons, and infectious disease specialists who are readily available to provide assistance to families in case of necessity. If a medical situation arises that necessitates a visit to a clinic or hospital, we maintain constant communication with participants and their families, ensuring timely updates and support throughout the program.

Health and Medical Support:
The health and well-being of our participants are of utmost importance. We provide guidance on necessary vaccinations, travel insurance, and access to medical facilities. We also promote healthy practices and offer resources for mental well-being, ensuring a holistic approach to participant safety.

Cultural Sensitivity and Respect:
We emphasize cultural sensitivity and respect in all our programs. We educate our participants about local customs, traditions, and laws to ensure they engage with local communities in a responsible and respectful manner. This approach fosters positive interactions and minimizes potential risks associated with cultural misunderstandings.

Gap Year Association (GYA) Membership

The Gap Year Association (GYA) is a non-profit organization that accredits and establishes standards for Gap Years. It holds official recognition from the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission as an accrediting and regulatory body in this field. The GYA objectively reviews organizations against 125 rigorous standards to ensure the highest levels of safety, quality, and integrity. As a member organization with the goal of being a GYA-accredited program, GEC is committed to adhering to all GYA standards, protocols, and best practices to ensure the safety and high quality of our programs.